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Together at the Top

Shojiki Consulting acquires 502 Design Services as of Sept. 7, 2023. 
Expanding our services and capabilities

 Welcome to the 502 team!

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Small Business Support as a Service (SBSaaS)

Small Business Support as a Service (SBSaaS) is an easy button for core needs that provides a wide range of flexibility at a budget-friendly cost. One service to give your business access to vetted SMEs in areas of Contracts, Cybersecurity, FSO, Strategic Communication, Public Relations, IT services, Bookkeeping, Website build and support, HR Generalist, Business Development, Capture, Proposal support. The SBSasS is a subscription model that is scalable based on company needs.  Senior-level SMEs at an affordable price point.  Schedule an appointment today to learn more about the model that fits your budget.

Federal Contracting

We are a small business registered in Sam. Our goal is to bring innovative people and services to the Federal space. We are open to subcontracting and priming efforts to provide today's Warfighter with next-generation support.


Our cost structure is designed to enable budget-friendly pricing.

 Value Added Reseller (VAR)

We are a small business registered in SAM with a key relationship with a sizeable value-added reseller. Allowing a small business to have a 300 plus vendor network that is vendor-agnostic across a wide range of technologies. Providing small business credit but buying power of a large.  


We are a small business dedicated to supporting small businesses by providing a wide range of fractional support services.  Our founder Michael Ferree started the company after spending over 20 years working in the small business space.  There are so many great visionaries out there that want to bring forth a new idea, but they run into the same challenges and pitfalls that so many have.  They need support to grow but have limited budgets.  Our solutions can fill the needs without breaking the bank.  The company is founded on honesty, driven by a passion for helping companies grow and be successful, resulting in working ourselves out of a job. Our target market is Start-Up to 250 employees that need additional resources but don't have the budget to support the full-time positions yet.

We focus on Federal contracting ourselves and understand the challenges to finding a good small business partner.  The company can operate lean, resulting in aggressive wrap rates but driving quality and trusted execution. 

Our founder's message is simple "I want to work with great people with innovative ideas that may not know where to start or where they belong.  I am building a team based on my core values set forth for the company. If you want a partner or an environment that is true to this, then I want to talk with you!"

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